Hey There! I'm Jess Nelson.

No, I’m not a cat. But I’m an agile and creative marketing and communications specialist, with skills learned from working in start-ups, small businesses, and corporate settings.

I’ve led content and creative direction at a growing international manufacturing company. Written content and editorial guidelines at a small digital agency which allowed the company to better onboard content team members. Helped start-ups differentiate themselves in niche markets by digging into the why behind what they do.  And had a direct role in consecutive sales months by developing and executing email marketing campaigns, backed by segmentation and automated list hygiene. 

This handsome fella — Tigger — is my QA manager during occasional WFH days. He’s even offered to finish building a landing page once. Maybe I should have let him.

If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid of mistakes and who puts the lessons learned into action, let’s chat. I love finding the balance of thinking and doing to help businesses grow and flourish. 

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